The lake between Albania and Macedonia
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The lake between Albania and Macedonia

We had a long drive to Lake Ohrid between Albania and Macedonia. The water was very shallow, but the sand beach was rather dirty. We ate our water melon at an awesome location: a table with chairs IN the water.

Lake Ohrid (Albania)

It seemed like everybody wanted to spend time on the beach and a park by Lake Ohrid today. It was a car and pedestrian chaos on the narrow streets.

Strangely, the Albanian officers wanted to see some kind of international insurance document (Green Card) at the border. That had never happened before. They told us to go back around the big lake to another station at the Albania/Macedonia border. In the end, they let us go anyway.

The colleague from Macedonia was the opposite. This border officer spoke German. Apparently, Macedonians learn that at school. He told us, we could use Euro, although it is not the official Macedonian currency – just like in Albania. In Montenegro, Euros are actually the official currency, although the country is not in the EU.

The officer also taught us a word that we could directly apply to him: Thank you – Fala!

A beach on the Macedonian side was just as crowded. We had actually stopped there to visit the Monastery of St. Nahum of Ohrid. Its beautiful church was built in 900. The astonishing wood craft and paintings inside date back to 1711.

Close that door!
Monastery church of the Holy Archangels
carrot eaters

We had dinner at a very clear side lake. The atmosphere, including live music, was very nice. The many smokers were just too bothersome!

Lake Ohrid (Macedonia)

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That’s cool having watermelon by the lake. So much culture and historic architecture. Your daughters are very tall now. Wish you and your family all the best!

Johnnie, thanks for following our journey. Europe is a continent full of diversity. We would very much like to have you visit here to experience with us.

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