Finally sand beach
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Finally sand beach

We went to a dark sand beach south of Durres. Finally, the kids could enjoy their big sand pit.

We had sunset beach dinner at a restaurant decorated with stuffed alligators, fish, sea shells: fish, home-made fries, herb bread. We all enjoyed the rhythmic music until millions of mosquitoes attacked us *aahhhh*

We opened the car door once to get in. Afterwards, we were busy killing mosquitoes to have a quiet night. To ensure that, we didn‘t even dare to go out to pee and we could only open the windows with mosquito nets. The result was a car sauna.

On our drive, we had seen tons of gas stations, quite many were abandoned. There were countless unfinished big house skeletons (only walls and stairs) *puzzling*

The restaurant owner explained to us in very good German that people thought, they could make money with a gas station, but then only the big ones survived. For the unfinished houses, private people just ran out of money.

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