Five Lands
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Five Lands

Today, we went to La Spezia to take the train to Cinque Terre – five villages with colourful houses, built on the cliffs directly by the sea.

We first visited Monterosso and hiked from there to Vernazza.

The hike was very interesting, over rocks, roots, and steps up and downhill. We had just started too late so the parts in the sun and uphill were really exhausting.

However, our kids hiked very well. At the beginning, they even ran – that‘s how excited they were.

When Wilma got too tired, Alan carried her sleeping in a backpack.

Magda was so incredibly energetic that she hiked far ahead. After catching up with her once, we didn‘t meet her until Vernazza. She had joined two German women that we had spent a break with after a very long incline *amazing*

Especially Alan was tired. A swim in the clear water of the Mediterranean Sea on which he discovered jelly fish and many hermit crabs with beautiful sea shells brought back his energy. The shallow water and beach accessible for the kids were unfortunately rather dirty.

We skipped two villages and went by train to Riomaggiore. Liguria, the area we were in was also famous for lemons. Again, all the shops sold all kinds of lemon products.

back on the train
snack break

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