Island Fortress
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Island Fortress

Trakai was very touristy because of its special island fortress. Pretty much every landowner used their garden as a paid parking lot, having people wave the cars into their driveways. There were shops with local specialties, people who wanted to sell a boat tour, and restaurants everywhere.

We walked around the castle, but we were too late to look at the exhibition inside.

We went on a short pedal board our around the castle island. That was really exhausting, especially in the sun.

We swam in the lake, right by our car. After a short time Magda came out with a leech, already sucking blood. After that, she didn‘t dare get into water anymore.

For dinner, we got quiche filled with mushrooms and spinach and another one with cheese and ill. We ate on the landing stage, right by our car. This evening, we saw many hot air balloons and we all agreed that we would also like to go on a ride together once…

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