Grottes de Choranche
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Grottes de Choranche

We went on a midday tour through the cave system of Choranche. Although we were the only non-French visitors, our young guide was so kind to translate the main facts into English for us.

Grottes de Choranche

Since we were not allowed to eat in the cave, our kids quickly finished their emergency ‘Knäckebrot’ in front of the entrance. We also (almost) managed to obey to the rule not to touch anything ;o)

Grottes de Choranche

The specialty about this cave are the fine and long stalactites that decorate the ceiling like tinsel.

Grottes de Choranche

One particularly large part of the cave with very high ceiling and underground lakes can be rented for holding a wedding ceremony *peculiar*

In water tanks we were able to observe the kind of amphibians that live in the underground rivers and lakes: olms. They looked like an eye-less mix of snake and lizard with sea-through skin *creepy*

I was actually happy to be back in the sunshine where we found some very pretty water features, not far from the cave’s exit: a wild creek, water falls, and a cave with beautifully turquoise water.

To get to our next destination our van had to climb up and down quite many serpentines in the Alps. Magda had to puke although Alan drove very slowly and gently. From now on she would always sit on the front seat when the roads are winding.

Even Alan as an experienced driver was shocked how fast French cars (and even trucks) rode and overtook on the narrow serpentines – even in the curves *gosh* No wonder, we saw many French cars with dents.

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