Roman Palace
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Roman Palace

We went to Split early in the morning. When we arrived, I noticed that I had forgotten my flip-flops from California outside of the car at the last campground. *shoot*

The Belgian couple we met the night before were hesitant to bring my shoes along, but then decided to leave them at the reception. Unfortunately, there‘s no phone number or website of the campground to request shipping. Lost!

Split was another touristy, hence not surprisingly rather dirty coast city. There were souvenir shops, bars, cafés, restaurants, and for the first time guided tours in every single corner of the maze of narrow alleys.

Unfortunately, the sea at the harbour smelled pretty badly. The tourist office was very „helpful“ – closed on Sunday.

I found 10 Lipa

The positive surprise was a hilarious street band, making fun music that they also sang, and danced like acrobats *impressive*

Split was founded as a Greek colony. Later a square-shaped Roman palace for emperor Diocletian was built, of which large remains can still be seen. It felt like an ancient city within a more modern city.

The beach was nice with its shallow water and soft sand (for once!). Unfortunately, we had forgotten the beach toys. So Erna and Wilma were only annoyed by the salty waves. Magda, however, enjoyed hopping over and floating in the waves.

Somehow, we only see very few bikes, mostly cars and motor cycles. Another thing, we wonder about is: Does Croatia make use of all the sun with solar panels? We haven‘t seen any.

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