Twin Lakes / Mammoth Lakes
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Twin Lakes / Mammoth Lakes

We got up at 6:30 am, although Alan hadn’t slept well at all *cruel* By leaving so early, we at least didn’t have to pay the $12 for only a pit toilet (!) because we didn’t see any host.

No camera – no pictures of this exclusive experience: We enjoyed the morning sun, pretty much all by ourselves, at the humongous Mono Lake. Lots of ‘Tufa’ (calcium salt deposits) towers stuck out of the water, like sand castles.

At a rest area, I was hoping to charge my camera in the rest rooms but there was no socket =o( We found an even better solution, though: a woman who worked at the rest area offered me to charge my camera in her office *incredibly nice* During our chitchat, we also told her about our consistent problem with the van’s cooling system. “I’m so sorry you have trouble with your car! You two seem to have lots of fun.”

Twin Lakes

We used the battery’s charging time to restore our resources: We refilled the car’s water tank and scrambled eggs, plus potato spinach casserole *mmh* I also got to wash all dishes in the nice restrooms :oD

Twin Lakes

On the scenic detour around the Twin Lakes the hood of our car started smoking. Alan called a tow service that took us to Mammoth Lakes. Alan: “This is not romantic at all!” The car shop could fix the cooler issue within 3 hours. I was relieved, Alan was mad about losing money: “ I could have fixed it myself if I had had the right tools! Why did this guy charge labour for 1 hour?!?

Twin Lakes

We used the repair time for exploring the town, including some clothes stores :oP I felt like on a catwalk: Alan took pictures of the different dresses I tried on. Supar was also welcome in the shop *cool*

On the way to Death Valley, we spoiled ourselves with a very big treat: 1.4 l (!!!) of Pecan ice-cream *yummy*

Lake Crowley

On a brief walk to another scenic view, Alan dropped his valuable lense. He must have pressed the release button by accident. The lense was scratched and jammed. No film needed anymore *sad*

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