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Sandy Candy

In Leba, we first wanted to get information from a tourist office. However, unlike the displayed opening hours, the office wasn‘t open. Instead, we luckily got information from a very helpful librarian next door.

We first went to Slowinski National Park. There, we were surprised how many people wanted to go there too, already at 10 am. After quite a long waiting time at the ticket booth, we took a small electric bus and then still had to hike around 2 km.

We managed in record time to reach the huge dune. The sand was super soft and not too hot. We were still sweating when we climbed the big sand hill.

We had to hurry so much with the hike to be at a candy factory on time to make our own candy. Erna and Magda formed their own lollipop out of warm caramel.

We got to try small left-over pieces afterwards. The taste (mango) was a little sour and rather refreshing than too sweet. We bought some more lollipops with kiwi, banana, and watermelon flavour.

On our way to the beach, we found a car being stuck in the soft sand. Alan helped and two workers from a nearby construction helped free the car. *jipee*

The air at the beach was really strange, so foggy that we could barely see 5 metres ahead. Alan swam out to a sign in the sea and found a ship wreck. Unfortunately, he cut his toe on the sea shells that covered the wreck.

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