Climbing Rapunzel hair
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Climbing Rapunzel hair

This morning, we hiked along cliff Panga.

After a very soft trail through the forest, we got down to the water by climbing down on a thick rope.

Walking over the rocky beach was not easy but interesting.

On the way to a beach, we got mustard and some vegetables from local farmers.

We stopped at a beach on the north coast on our way east. There was first such a strong cold wind that it took quite some courage to get into the sea although the sun was shining brightly.

While we were munching our water melon on a sunny rock, the wind calmed down and we decided to still get our paddle board out.

An Estonian told us, we could paddle to a ship wreck not far from the coast. We couldn‘t find it. However, it was an enjoyable ride in sun over calm water for all of us. Erna and Magda were busy catching jelly fish.

For dinner, we had fried potatoes and zucchini. By then, there was cold and strong wind again, making it difficult to cook over open fire.

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