Estonia’s University City
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Estonia’s University City

We had breakfast at another very nice rest area / campground by Lake Peipsi. It was very well maintained with clean restrooms (even with toilet paper), various seating areas, a Hollywood swing, Badminton bats, dart arrows, even a sauna! However, there was nobody.

The animal park we visited was a bit disappointing. There were not many animals to see. It was a small park and many animals were hiding because of the rather hot weather. We saw some deer, a moose, and bisons.

Afterwards, we went to Mari‘s parents. They prepared meat balls, tomato salad, home-grown cucumber (with cream), tomatoes, and potatoes. They prepared water with lemon and mint and served us delicious rhubarb sparkling wine *yummy*

Afterwards, we went to a small beach at a lake with nice playgrounds.

For dinner, we had a grill-out even with fish, zucchini, and lamb. Mari‘s parents let us try out their wood-heated sauna and a bubbling bath tub with different lights. *very nice*

Some fun morning snap shots by Magda:

After a late breakfast, we visited Tartu – the second biggest city in Estonia. Tartu was first mentioned in 1070 and is now an important university city.

Tartu in rain

At the ongoing food festival, we tried fried fish, blueberry bread, and whole grain apple cake. We listened to the winner of an Estonian talent show and were amazed by his voice.

The kids put colourful prints on post cards.

On the way to the west coast, we saw the advertisement for a pizza festival and stopped there. We had to wait for our pizza order for 1 hour. We spent our time with trying different cakes and fried prawns.

We spent the night at a small state-run campsite (Nedrema), half an hour away from the ferry. There was only a biker from Germany, one roofed table by the toilets, 3 by the only fire place. Unfortunately, the 3 pieces of fire wood left for the entire campsite had gotten wet and we couldn’t start a fire.

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