European capital of culture 2022
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European capital of culture 2022

Just off the highway, we found the perfect quiet breakfast place, even with free and clean restrooms! We ate on a dock in the sun *super nice* Just the big water slide was out of order ;oD

In Lithuana, we visited Kaunas – just on time for a farmers‘ market. We got some very delicious quiche with salmon and spinach, pockets filled with apple sauce, cereal cookies, Knäckebrot that the girls finished in 2 minutes, cherries, blueberries, and gooseberry slushy.

Hi Papa!

Kaunas is located at the confluence of the two largest Lithuanian rivers. Also nowadays, Kaunas is almost inevitable on the way between big cities in Eastern Europe. This central location has turned Kaunas into an important trading city.


A defense tower and a little part of the city wall were the only remainings, or rather reconstructed elements of a closed square wall with four big towers – Kauna‘s „castle“. In the tower, we visited a small interactive museum. That was some nice adventure:

Wilma and Erna were pretty scared in the basement that diplayed a dungeon. They also found the background music in the gallery on another floor very scary and barely dared walk up the spiral stairs.

At least Erna (and the brave Magda anyway) felt comfortable lieing on and cuddling with a large bear skin.

The girls dug for tile pieces in a sandbox – like little archeologists =o)

The kids did not get tired of climbing and swinging on a big new playground.

Kaunas has been selected as the European Capital of Culture for 2022. Therefore, a film festival took place when we visited. The girls got stuck watching a Japanese movie in Lithuanian on a huge screen in the same park, right by the city wall ;oP

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