Back on land
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Back on land

mysterious pirate ship

Mostly motoring, we arrived back in Germany, in Flensburg.

Somehow, many not so nice things striked us and made us miss Scandinavia: many baggers, homeless drunken people, dirty streets and playgrounds, smokers everywhere, restrooms one needs to pay for.

St. Nikolai
St. Marien

We still enjoyed strolling through the city centre with its characteristic backyards and half-timbered houses.

We had a Danish almond-Marzipan cake – a little too sweet!


Some evening performances captured by Magda:

One day, we had fun experiencing science in the ‚Phänomenta‘.

light painting
slanted room
sailing upwind

Interestingly, some experiments were already familiar to us from the ‘Innovatum’ in Trollhättan or the ‘Universe’ by Sønderborg ;o)

dwarf family
Mama forgot my helmet!

For our day trip to Kiel, we used some means of transportation that we had still been missing on our journey: the train. We enjoyed the big windows to watch cows, horses, sheep, and even deer in foggy weather. Using the restroom was just as challenging as during a rough boat ride. The train was wobbling a lot!

In Kiel, we made use of and were surprised to encounter many final sales. As we were told, Corona was one of the business killers. Many shops were closing or already empty *scarry*

We had fun on a playground hunt outside the city centre =oD

On the German World Children’s Day, we played different games in the ‚Volkspark‘.

We also observed a mouse nibbling an apple and a hedgehog baby *wow*

Our time in Flensburg concluded our summer on water. We are already wondering if there will ever be another sailing trip for us?

way back home

One week after our arrival at home, our boat was drydocked.

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Hi all of you ❤️ So eventually you left your boat – a bit sad too ? Are you safelyback in Heidelberg?
At the moment we are in Bornholm another Danish Island.
Say Hello to the girls ☀️
Flemming & Marion

Yes, we are back in Heidelberg. I (Alan) am back to the boat to do some clean-up and bring our stuff back. Today I was taking off the sails to stow away for winter, it was definitely upsetting that our journey reached an undeniable end. Our summer was so beautiful, just too short.
Oh, part of my mission is to bring back the candies to the girls. They’ve been waiting/longing for them.

I really enjoy looking at your photos with your trip and family! Quite an experience! Good memory for sure for your kids. Toronto is at wave 2 of the covid virus. Hopefully it will end soon. Wish you all healthy and happy.

Thanks for following our travel blog and we are so happy that you enjoyed it.
We wonder when we could make another journey like this in the future.
We, in Germany, are having our own lockdown. We hope that you still get to enjoy the holidays as a family.
The only way out of this pandemic will be the vaccines. We are optimistic that there will be one for everybody.
Best wishes and happy new year.

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