Gliding through Little Belt
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Gliding through Little Belt

Today was the fastest ride ever for us. With wind and current, we were gliding at 9 knots *crazy*

This time, all of us saw three porpoises so closely to our boat that we could even briefly observe them swimming under water *exciting*

In Sønderborg, we almost felt like we were back in Germany already. That’s how much German we heard around us ;o)

The next day, we learned about a bloody battle between the Danish and the Prussians in 1864 and the soldiers’ everyday life by visiting a soldier camp museum.

officers‘ barrack
soldiers’ barrack
sending telegraphs

We have been spoiled by modern and spacious facilities in the marinas. In Sønderborg, we only got rather old showers and restrooms in a container. This was also the first time without a disabled restroom, which has always provided convenient access for our trolley and enough space for all of us.

The docking spots were very open. That meant, despite securing our boat with many lines, it was moved quite a lot by the waves and we heard some loud water slapping noise.

We took the bus to the science park ‘universe’.

There, we played in the bubble factory and in the ball factory, recorded a movie, walked through an iceberg and over beams and ropes so high above the ground that we needed safety belts. Unfortunately, our girls were too little for any virtual reality experiences.

cleaning the soap pools
Look at the camera!
hydraulic seesaw
running wheel
Hmm, doesn’t taste like apple…

Waiting for the bus…

Due to stormy weather, we spent one more day in Sønderborg. We played games, watched a movie, went to the playground, and spent our last Danish crowns on a banana cake with chocolate coating. Even I, who dislikes banana, found this cake very good – fluffy, not dry *yummy*

Here are some impressions captured by Marion:

But from our company that afternoon, we got something even better. Marion and Flemming, the couple we had met by the grill on Anholt, said they didn‘t live too far away from Sønderborg and could visit us by car. Marion had baked a super delicious blackberry cake, brought interesting Danish candy, and even a game for us *super nice*

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