Mini town – maxi ramparts
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Mini town – maxi ramparts

Going with headwind to Fredericia made our yacht list super heavily. We went closely along the coast so the waves were rather small and we actually dared eat our cereal. That was some unique experience to hold on to our dishes and ingredients, making sure things don’t fall or slide around and we don‘t spill while eating in a 45 degree angle *funny*

Under deck, we slept with our feet facing the boat side that touched water. In this position, we were nicely rocked. We all agreed that we cannot get such a special ride in any amusement park ;o)

The marina in Fredericia was packed. All boat owners were home and there seemed to be hardly any guest spots. We were lucky to find one, squeezing our boat into a box by using lines rather than motor.

The walk to the city was not pleasant – 2 km along a super noisy road. In the city, we were very surprised to find the tourist info still open past 6 pm! We didn‘t only get informative brochures but also presents for the kids: a backpack with a wooden rifle, a hat, a medal, and cookies *super nice*

bum, bum!

For dinner, we used the large and well equipped kitchen. The girls were even allowed to watch some TV ;o)

The next day was very wet. In Madsbyparken, a large recreational area, we had breakfast in a wooden hut. The girls looked at goats, lamas, parrots, and turtles. For the rabbits, it was too wet. They didn‘t feel like leaving their shelter to be petted. Unfortunately, the large playground was just too wet and muddy ;o/ So we went on to the next attraction.

town hall

In the same park, we were able to walk through a miniature Fredericia as it was in 1849, with the straight streets and low houses, surrounded by green ramparts. Everything has been built in the scale of 1:10.

The girls rang the morning bells at the church.

ding, deng, dong

Since 1983, 850 houses have been constructed. In total, 1200 buildings are planned.

Especially, the half-timbered houses were very pretty. With all the details, such as door steps or door handles, we could very well imagine, some mini people walking out from one of the houses. We, even Wilma, definitely felt like giants.

What had been the Vikings for the traffic lights in Århus, were the soldiers in Fredericia.

In rain, we walked through the city and over the ramparts. They are the largest intact ramparts in Europe, surrounding the city like a large elevated park.

Denmark‘s gate

Fredericia with its characteristic ramparts and water-filled moats was founded as a defensive fortification in 1650.

Fredericia is one of the only towns in Denmark that was designed and planned from scratch. Before constructions began, the town‘s current location was empty.

water tower

In the late afternoon, the sky finally cleared up. In Århus, we had enjoyed a wonderful blueberry cream cake. That’s why we decided to treat us with a Danish nougat cake at the end of a day with miserable weather.

Our idea turned out to be a small disaster. Alan rarely complains, but this time he couldn‘t stop: „Nasty, disgusting! That‘s like American sugar cake! You can actually feel the powdered sugar. That‘s the worst cake I‘ve ever had in Europe!“ The girls even refused to eat after a couple of bites.

At least the kids eventually got to climb a bit on the Madsbyparken playground.

In the shielded grill-out area, we had our BBQ dinner – probably the last one this year.

On the way to Sønderborg, we saw quite many porpoises in the morning. We woke up the girls and at least Magda got to see one =o)

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