Classic, modern, pre-history
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Classic, modern, pre-history

There wasn‘t much wind on our rather short trip to Århus. At least for a short distance, our sails were able to add 1 knot to our motor speed, then we had to drop them.

The first box we tried in the Århus South harbour was to small. There seemed to be no other spot available. Luckily, a Danish guy called Peer pointed us a box next to his yacht. He had been so kind to call the harbour office and find out that it was available although the sign showed red. Peer had been in the marina for a week and hadn’t seen any boat parking in that box *nice*

We arrived in warm sunshine, and explored the city a bit under chilly clouds. Luckily, we were under deck, when the heavy showers came *crazy weather*


We enjoyed interesting playgrounds around the library/tourist info. Unfortunately, that was it until we arrived back at the harbour, although we were told some areas where we should find playgrounds :o/ At least when we crossed traffic lights, we had fun looking at the red and green Viking figures.

The next day, we traveled back in time by visiting ‚Den Gamle By‘ – The Old Town Museum.

We could enter almost every house and see different old occupations, such as baker, carpenter, tailor, miller, wine, clock or shoe maker…

trying out a coffin

We tried out old games on a town square.

It was so exciting to explore dark rooms and hidden courtyards.

Strolling through herb and fruit gardens, walking over cobble stone, hearing typical work sounds or the carriage passing by really made us feel like part of history =o)

Afterwards, we explored the nature in different hot regions on earth in the green houses of the botanical garden.

We enjoyed the discovery tour through the rain forest best with unique butterflies circling all around us.

We spent one entire next day in an amusement park.

First, the girls were a bit hesitant but then they couldn’t find an end and even went on small rides by themselves ;oP

Especially, Erna dared go on rough rides *wow*

We biked to the Moesgaard Museum. The ride along a very busy big road, constantly going up and downhill wasn‘t too comfortable. We decided to take the bus back. Only the next day, we found a nice bike trail through the forest :o/

We had breakfast on the beautiful green hills by the museum. Unfortunately, a wasp liked Wilma‘s plumb remains around her mouth. But Wilma didn‘t like the wasp and tried to chase it away with her little hands. Of course, the wasp didn‘t like that and stung Wilma in her cheek. We got ice cubes and sugar („to extract the venom“) from the museum. Luckily, Wilma had calmed down super quickly. Only our attempts to reduce the swelling made her cry. So we just let her be with a slightly thicker and red cheek.

We saw how people lived during the Stone, Bronze, Iron, and Viking Age. We looked at objects and bodies buried under the ashes and lava of Mount Vesuvius. We learned about different death cultures. In Mexico, the dead are commemorated with lots of flowers, food, and (colourful) skeletons. Magda and Erna got to dance with them.

On our last day in Århus, we visited a large deer park.

We fed and petted four kinds of deer and we saw many wild boars with babies behind a fence.

The deer were so trusting and gentle with their teeth and antlers.

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