Apple safari
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Apple safari

wind park

We had hard times undocking in the marina of Anholt. The strong wind kept pressing us onto the pier. By going forward along the pier, we could increase the distance to our rear neighbour. When we backed off then, we could pick up enough speed to detach from the pier *puh*

Especially the second half of our ride to Ebeltoft was terrific! We were gliding at 5-7 knots over flat water in sunshine *amazing*

While Mama and Papa were busy preparing our journey on land, Magda used the time for some very nice photo shooting. A professional photographer couldn’t do better ;oD

Playground time, when we finally arrived in Ebeltoft.

‚Ebeltoft‘ can be translated as „apple land“. That‘s why we found apple sculptures all over the city.

The next day, we visited a restored war ship from the 19th century. On the four floors, we looked at the officers’ cabins, the galley, the sailors‘ hammocks, the king‘s salon.

120 men were needed to heave the enormous anchor, weighing 2.5 t, plus anchor chain.

80 ship’s carpenters took four years to build the hull of the frigate ‚Jylland’ (1856-1860). In total, 1600 oak trees – most of them 150-200 years old – were used.

Under rough weather conditions, four strong men were needed to hold the double steering wheel. We decided on a light practice under mild conditions ;oP

On a quiz tour, we helped a sailor boy find the thief of his pocket knife by „interrogating“ different puppets all over the ship, ranging from commander, stoker and rat to princess and pig. Like this, we learned a lot about the life on board. As a reward, the girls earned golden chocolate coins =o)

interrogating princess Thyra

Our next stop was the glass museum. There, we watched two women making little vases. We were almost the only audience. So they were so nice to explain every working step to us =o)

In the museum, we saw different sculptures and objects made of glass. On our tour, we answered quiz questions. The price was amazing: beautiful glass stones.

Around the museum, there were beautiful street rocks made of glass with engraved pictures *neat*

old city hall

On our city tour, we happened to come by the church just when its bells played a beautiful tune. As we found out later, it was a Danish folk song. There were many German tourists in Ebeltoft.

Ebeltoft kirke
climbing exercises

Today, we biked to a safari park. On the way there, we took a bike lane that was directly on a road that we had to share with some cars. It was smooth, yet a bit hilly. Well, this way, we got to enjoy terrific views over meadows and fields ;o)

For the way back, we found a completely flat shortcut through the forest. In the distance, we could even spy a fox! That bike trail was perfectly safe for the kids and really comfortable to ride – at least for bikes. Only I was sweating. My scooter didn‘t roll well over the gravel. So I constantly had to push Wilma and me forward *exhausting*

The girls did wonderfully! After having biked about 20 km, they still had energy to climb and play. Erna: „It wasn‘t a long ride.“ *wow*

On the way to the park entrance, we already encountered some huge bisons.

First, we explored the animal park by train,

We liked the Jeep ride slightly better. It was excitingly bumpy and we were not confined by windows.

Even when we didn‘t see any animals, the hikes through the park were super interesting. We walked through caves, up and down long bridge trails, along lakes.

It was really nice to watch the animals not only via different means, but also from so many different viewing points around the compounds.

Even the restrooms were special. One was built as a cave, another one had antler handles. Directly behind the windows were the animal compounds *exciting*

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