Master of locks
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Master of locks

Some impressions of our long motoring day:

practicing to become a sailor or a ninja fighter? ;oP
crossing Dalbo bridge

After winding our way through the archipelago maze in Lake Vänern, we went through an obstacle course of bridges and were challenged with our first huge lock at the beginning of the Trollhättan canal. We were lowered by more than 7 metres!

leaving our first Trollhättan lock

Around the Trollhättan marina, we first visited the locks from different generations.

The “8th Work of Wonders” – a lock system built around 1800

Alan kept exclaiming: „Stunning to build something so massive and functional hundreds of years ago!“

a lock from the 19th century – too small for today‘s cargo ships
Can you see the rainbow?
feeding grass to geese

On our exploration tour, we also found something to catch up on our daily activity: a playground for swinging ;oP

weather phenomena:

During breakfast, we watched some boats getting in the lock right next to our pier. Among them was also Lasse‘s yacht – what a coincidence! We got to wave each other a farewell *nice*

Today, we explored the city by bike.

on the bike trail along the canal

We were lead by different theme playgrounds *exciting* The first one was a car repair shop:

practicing street rules on the playground street

If it’s not Corona times, hundreds of people gather to see the massive amounts of water (300.000 liters per second) that are released from Lake Vänern through huge gates. Currently, the Trollhättan city doesn’t announce the time of water release and does it at night.

Trollhättans kyrka

On kings‘ cave, members of the royal Swedish family have had their signature carved into a big rock since 1754.

sliding from a whale’s mouth
lock opening
‚Sofia‘ said hi

On the way to the city, we crossed a bridge and happened to meet the Danish that had been on our Göta canal convoy *funny*

We had a lot of fun in the ‚Innovatum‘ – a museum to experience science. Even the faucet in the restroom glowed in rainbow colours when the water was running *wow*

air canon
sending Erna to space ;oP
We’re building a bridge.

The museum even had an exploration playground for babies!

Afterwards, we visited the SAAB museum.

Let’s go for a ride!

In the afternoon, we wanted to continue our ride on Trollhättan canal but we had to wait for 3 hours until a massive cargo ship loaded with wood logs had passed the lock.

picture taken by Susa and Jens

In the lock, we were happy to receive some advice on how to secure our yacht by our German marina neighbours Susa and Jens =o)

After one single and one triple lock, we arrived in Lilla Edet during dusk in rainy weather. Luckily, we still managed to dock safely.

by Susa and Jens

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