Castle view dinner
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Castle view dinner

Läckö castle

On our trip through Lake Vännern, we played taxi for tons of tiny flies again. I bet they were just as amazed as us by the view on the beautiful castle Läckö.

raising the Swedish flags

The castle was built on order of a Bishop in the late 13th century. He wanted to defend himself against the Danish. Until the middle of the 19th century, the castle changed hand frequently between different Swedish kings (among them, of course, Gustav Vasa) and noblemen. Then nobody wanted to live in the cold, dark, and – with over 200 rooms – very cleaning-intensive castle anymore.

Due to Corona, there were no guided tours but we kept one of the guides so busy with our questions that she ended up walking through quite many rooms with us ;o)

hidden key hole

That‘s how we learned that back in the time, people had shorter beds because they would sleep in a sitting position. They didn‘t want to mix up their four body liquids by laying down. Noble people spoke German or Latin so „ordinary“ people wouldn’t understand them.

The princess had a separate lockable candy room, where she would also use the potty *hmm* Back then, people didn‘t brush their teeth. Is that why they never showed their teeth in the paintings?!? ;oP

We could have actually see our boat from the castle‘s window *cool*

We went on an image hunt through the many rooms of one floor. After having gone around 3 times, we finally found all the items on our list. At least, we thought so until we found out that their was a back pager (what!?) which took us another 5 rounds through the chambers ;oP The girls were rewarded with a piece of ‚Cloetta‘ chocolate =oD

harvesting time?

After the castle visit, we decided rather spontaneously to check out Spiken, a small fishermen‘s village. We arrived a little past 4 pm. There was really nothing but cafés, restaurants, and shops – and ALL of them had closed at 4 pm *crazy* No fresh fish or restaurant dinner for us and walking 6 km in vane *shoot* We washed off our sweat with a short swim in Lake Vänern, back at the castle *nice*

Us three big girls went on a nature trail where we could, for instance, compare our jumping skills or arm length to the ones of animals.

Can you see our boat?

It was fun to climb over rocks and roots, through narrow passages – until we got lost. Luckily, we found our way out of the forest not too far away from the castle – just in time for dinner *puh* In the end, we had collected more mosquito bites all over our bodies than blueberries in our stomachs =o/

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Your boat is so pretty, is it hard to maneuver a sail boat? Or depends on whether you on lake or ocean ? Bon voyage!

It is hard because we don’t have a bow-thruster (saving $$). But it doesn’t have much to do with lake or ocean, rather if there is side wind or not.

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