Harvesting sea grass
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Harvesting sea grass

staircase of 5 locks by Borenshult

Not long after the staircase lock of Borenshult, we had accumulated so much sea weed that we couldn’t control the boat against the wind anymore. Luckily, we were drifted on a waiting pier in front of a bridge. There, we waited for help after having called the canal office.

We were pushed through the next bridges up to the next lock by a motor boat. We used the time in the lock to clear the bottom of our boat from the huge meadow of sea grass that we had collected.

Rapunzel, let down your hair! ;oP

A lock guard explained to us that in this year the amount of sea grass in the canal is extraordinarily large because of the mild winter and the lack of passenger vessels that usually cut the sea weed.

On land, we enjoyed our well-deserved playground break in the city park of Motala.

Today, we visited the broadcasting museum that displayed many of radios and broadcasting equipment. The girls were busy playing in the scenery ;oD

Afterwards, we went to the castle that hosts a small exhibitions on Stone Age findings from the area and furniture from the 16th century.

We went on a very nice bike trail along Lake Vänern to the beach by Pariserviken. Erna enjoyed walking far into the shallow clear water. When she got tired of playing ball with Papa, she threw the ball at ducks ;oP Magda fixed delicious sand dishes and lake water drinks :oD

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