We lock
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We lock

castle ruin by Stegeborg

We were mostly motoring our way to Mem, the entrance of the Göta canal. In sunshine, we looked at the colourful (light)houses on the islands and main land along the way.

At the canal entrance, in Mem, we were instructed how to use locks. Thanks to detailed descriptions and a video link from our private coach Paul, we already had a rough idea. Still, watching a big motor boat and a sailing boat going through the lock in Mem, was a valuable and instructive live demonstration for all of us.

The couple of the sailing boat gave us more tips, and even helped us prepare our yacht for locking (line, and fender setting) *super nice*

The lockage process is really interesting. In front of the lock, I get on land with lines in my hands, walk along with the boat into the lock, and secure it there on metal rings. It‘s amazing to experience the rapid elevation of the boat when the water swooshes powerfully into the lock basin.

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