First anchoring
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First anchoring

The largest part of the ride was very comfortable: swinging motions, sunshine, a little overcast, some breeze.

archipelago by Västervik

The ride was so pleasant that we got to enjoy some time on the front deck for the first time when the boat was moving.

nice view

Since Alan had only anchored once before when there was no wind, we were very insecure where and how to anchor, although or because there were already so many boats parked in the bay.

neighbourhood of our first anchoring place

Via VHF radio, we asked a Swedish to help us. He didn’t only explain the procedure in detail, he even came over with his rowing dinghy to assist us. What a great learning opportunity for us! *super nice*

With an average of 5 knots we had actually traveled at a decent pace today. But somehow, we still didn‘t settle until late afternoon. Too late to get our paddle board out to explore the nearby island.

We worked on the crafting bags that we had gotten at the Blekinge museum in Karlskrona. Magda’s bag contained „ingredients“ for a ‚water bling‘, Erna’s for a sea horse.

on the way out of the archipelago

We were a little upset about missing an opportunity to explore some (almost) untouched Swedish nature but we rather enjoyed a less exciting evening.

We were amazed how comfortable anchoring was. In the protected bay, there were no waves. And surprisingly, the strong wind, didn‘t move our boat at all.

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