Oskar‘s harbour
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Oskar‘s harbour

Our sailing speed ranged from 4-8 knots today. Strong wind and some rain made us all get pretty cold.

We wasted 2 hours attempting to anchor in an archipelago north of Oskarshamn – unsuccessfully. The water was just too shallow and the streets between the islands too narrow.

Oskarshamn Kyrka

So we had to park at the marina of Oskarshamn. Only with the great help of the neighbouring boats’ crews, we managed to dock our yacht on an anker buoy. Our lines were too short. But our neighbours were so nice to tie two of our lines together and loop them through the ring of the buoy, using their dinghy. We thanked these nice a Swedish with two bottles of wine.

city park

After a warming and relaxing scrambled eggs meal, we used the sunshine in between heavy rain showers to stroll around the city. The harbour water was filled with thousands of small jelly fish *incredible*

a swing for babies
… also for bigger babies
… and for very big babies ;oP

We picked some wild cherries, saw very big and fast hares. We came across two nice playgrounds, of course with climbing frames in boat shape =oD


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