Herring town
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Herring town

We took the first bridge at 6 am to be surprised by too little wind that barely pushed our boat forward. Later, wind and waves became much stronger and carried us at a speed of up to 7 knots over the Baltic Sea. When Alan was busy fighting strong waves at the bay exit of Ystad, we used the time to snuggle together on the cockpit floor and sing songs about what all of us do on the boat ;oP

We arrived in Simrishamn in the evening. So we were not surprised not to find any fitting parking spot. We were getting ready to merely dock on the end of a landing stage, which wouldn’t be that stable, when an older couple pointed a spot to us that we hadn’t seen *super friendly* With the help of 4-5 people (!!!) who were already waiting for us on the landing stage, we managed to park under the strong wind *incredibly nice* The spot was actually so tight that all of our fenders were being squeezed ;o)

We met the German couple again that had been our direct neighbour by Klintholm *funny* Magda and Erna enthusiastically helped me sweep the floor on board *cute*

We were too exhausted for cooking. So we got a sea food family-size pizza. The waiter was wrong – the five of us managed to finish this large pizza :o) We were just incredibly thirsty afterwards. We’ll, that’s the disadvantage of fast food.

On the way to the city, we saw a black fluffy animal running up and down between the rocks by the harbour. According to the Swedish observers, it was a mink. We had never seen such an animal in the wild. A special add-on to our nature exploration series =oD

The next morning, Erna was in a „talkative professor“ mood. Hearing noise from waves, she explained to us: „That was the neighbour’s boat. The neighbour helped us last night. He was very nice. He pushed our boat so we don‘t hit anything.“ Or when Wilma complained when Alan was trying to feed her and Magda took over: „She doesn‘t want to be fed by adults, only by kids.“ *clever*

watching swans with offspring

During grocery shopping, it was fun to see how much Swedish we could understand because many words are similar to German or English. My favourite so far: ägg = egg ;oP

No, we don’t share!

After scrambled eggs on board, we had our second breakfast on an extra large and comfy bench in front of the church in the old town. We were super happy with the Swedish groceries we had bought: whole grain bread with seeds, cheese, smoked salmon, strawberries. Eating outside with some sunshine, for sure made the food even more delicious ;oD Wilma‘s breakfast was also extraordinary: scrambled eggs with shrimps from last night‘s pizza *yummy*

Special treat of the day: Swedish ice-cream from the same grocery store. So after our long breakfast, it was already a little too runny ;oP Still, we were very contented with the flavours: mango/passion fruit, white chocolate with raspberries, and pear with milk chocolate.

Afterwards, we went to the city, through parks and along the traditional low fishermen houses until we ended at the beach. Herring fishing had boosted the city‘s development in the medieval times.

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