Greeting Petterson and Pipi Longstocking
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Greeting Petterson and Pipi Longstocking

When we were further away from land, the wind and thus our speed picked up, ranging between 5-6 knots. This decent traveling pace made the ride even more comfortable! Thanks to the wind and wave direction, the movement of the yacht felt like a rocker, even under deck. On top, we had sunshine and some nice breeze – such an enjoyable way of traveling!

The girls were excited when Alan exchanged the Danish to the Swedish guest flag. This one will flap for a long time next to our sails now.

Alan had prepared himself for trying out some fishing. I considered all the equipment toys for big boys and his dreams of „catching dinner“ would remain wishful thinking. After having the fishing line out for about 3 hours, Alan resigned and pulled the line in. Magda: „What is that at the end of the line?“ Alan: Just the bait flapping and splashing water.“ I said: „No, you caught a fish.“ Alan got super excited – like a little boy who just received a super large scoop of ice-cream ;oP This garfish – as we found out later – made our dinner a very delicious one! It was also a very special experience for the girls to see how a living animal is turned into a dish. Interestingly, this fish had green bones that turned turquoise after cooking.

Falsterbo bridge

In the afternoon, we explored the area around our marina by the canal of Falsterbo. We got some salty liquorice ice-cream. But none of us liked it. Well, that happens when you try out new things ;oP

The normality of not wearing a mask in the grocery store felt actually strange. In this Swedish place, I rather got the masks out to protect us from large swarms of tiny flies *funny*

The sand on this beach was very fine and soft but the water stank from the tons of algae.

I dropped a plastic bowl into water and it had already been drifted off too far from our boat when I eventually got the spoon net out. Alan didn‘t give up. He walked along the pier and knocked on every boat where the bowl passed by to ask for permission to get on board. Nobody answered his knocking until the very last boat. The bowl happened to swim by there just then. With a long arm stretch, Alan really managed to catch it *great rescue*

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