Stepping on Viking land
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Stepping on Viking land

The high and frequent waves made the first part of the ride to Klintholm in Denmark very rough: the three oldest girls of the family were so busy puking! Luckily, Magda and Erna then adapted the self-defense sleeping mode on the floor above deck that Wilma was in, under deck. Wilma just woke up in a good mood (just like her incredible sisters) when the sea was so calm that we felt like eating, when we just had half an hour of our 12-hour trip left *amazing cooperation*

sunrise above Hiddensee

A very nice German couple helped us park. We had long chitchats with them. A long playground break and dinner in sunshine were great rewards.

Instead of walking to the beach right by this harbour, we paddled there on our inflatable board. The girls enjoyed the sand pit and mud playground in XL.

Some jelly fish in this part of the Baltic Sea are really huge! Magda and Erna even caught some.

We enjoyed some ice-cream produced on the island Møn that we were visiting: light nougat with hazelnut pieces.

In this marina, Alan met a Danish sailor whom he had first met in Heiligenhafen on his sailing trip last summer – what a coincidence! Back then the Danish man was bringing his newly purchased yacht from Greifswald to Kopenhagen.

sunrise over Møn
“Kreidefelsen” of Møn

We already got up at 3 am to refill our diesel tank before leaving. After docking successfully, we found out that the gas station was out of order =o(

Our sailing day started super slow with going only at 3 knots because of too little wind :o/

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I love these pictures. I think those jellyfish are scary, I had one on my mouth over the snorkel in Kenya. Fortunately it was not a poisonous one. Maybe I would had a huge swollen head!!!! You are in learning experience! Enjoy!!!

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