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The fairway to Hiddensee that was deep enough for our boat was too narrow to allow the use of our main sail. It was a very pleasant ride! I could even do my morning exercises on deck :oP By the time the girls got up, we were already preparing for parking in Kloster.

Suddenly, there was a jerk! The boat „nodded“. We were stuck. We hadn’t zoomed in on our navigation map enough to see more depth variations *crap* Luckily, a motor boat came by just then and managed on one go to tow us to deeper water *relief*

Thanks to Paul’s safe parking technique for poles, parking worked super well, although the spot we found right away wasn’t, as told by our neighbours, 50, but only 10 cm wider than our yacht :oD

Although it was overcast, we could for once enjoy breakfast above deck =o) The rest of the day, we had some fun time with sand toys, water melon, and collecting sea shells on the beach. Thanks to very little wind, the sea was nicely calm, no waves splashing salt water into our faces. So Alan & I went for a chilly, yet pleasant swim. Continuation of our nature exploration: We saw a wild deer close to the road *wow•

It‘s really hard to get off and on the boat via the bow. I wonder how all these old sailors do it!? We met two sailing couples with a dog that we had already met in Greifswald. Another couple recognised Magda and Erna: „I saw you on the market square in Stralsund yesterday!“ *funny*

In the evening, we had a „video conference“ to exchanged some experiences with our private coach Paul. Kindly, he also gave us some more tourist and sailing tips for Hiddensee and the continuation of our journey. I felt a little better when Paul told us that a more experienced friend of his has also once fallen into water at the Stralsund marina ;o)

The seemingly endless rain started in the evening, woke me up during the night, and made all of us feel pretty miserable until it finally stopped in the afternoon. Wrapped in rain clothes, we still went for a bike tour from Kloster to Vitte along the damn and back along the beach.

This time, we didn‘t just see horses pulling carriages, but we got so close to a few that the girls could stroke them over the fence. What amazed us adults more, were two deer chasing each other in glee over the field.

We had our snack time with chocolate cake by the beach. We would have liked to give our bellies a break but then flies started attacking our treat so that we were forced to finish it quickly ;oP

When we were back at the marina, Erna was super tired and whining in the public restrooms. The woman next door.suddenly commented: „Oh mann ey!“ Only when she said „You can also have it in English – shut up!“ I realised that she was complaining about us. Through the door, I countered: „You don‘t seem to have kids.“ Surprisingly, a third woman defended us: „I can totally understand that your kids are moody in this crappy weather. Don‘t feel pressured!“ The mean woman just moaned: „Why do you need to interfere now?!?“ What an interesting toilet discussion ;oP

Magda and Erna had fun on the bathing platform, catching jelly fish.

I was the first one at the last laundry machine, but my assumption was wrong that I could use any coins. Luckily, I got some 1€ coins and somebody prepared a long waiting line with my laundry bag being part of it, so I could wash our clothes four hours later.

Magda on Donnerhall and Erna on Petra

The girls finally got what they had been wishing for for a long time: pony riding.

In the afternoon we explored the North of Kloster and ended up at the light house. Erna felt so comfortable walking barefoot that she didn’t put shoes back on until we were halfway through the forest ;o)

After a water melon break by the light house, we took the adventure two along the beach:

we waded through shallow water, hiked over a small sand dune and – whatevs most fun – on top of a rock wall =o)

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Looks like great fun. So proud of you to have started your incredible journey. And love this that we can “share” it with you all. Kisses from Home.

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