Geneva / Lausanne
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Geneva / Lausanne

We should have informed ourselves in advance! The way to pay for Swiss highways is to purchase an annual pass – for just 36 Euro. So we wouldn’t have had to suffer on slow or pricy French roads on our outward trip.

Following the recommendation of a colleague, we had a stop-over in Geneva. Finding parking was a night mare – as always in big cities. We settled with paying a small fortune for a couple of hours for an underground parking lot.

We used our time to walk through the city centre to find out we didn’t care for it too much. For our taste, shops (many boutiques), streets, buildings (many banks)… were too big, too busy, too pricy. Certainly, the strong and cold wind on our day of visit subconsciously reinforced our impression of Geneva not being such an appealing city =o/

Next, we visited Lausanne – a smaller city that we felt much more comfortable in. Very steep streets with pretty timbered houses lead through the city centre up to an enormous cathedral on top of the hill. The effort we took for pushing our stroller all the way up was rewarded with a nice view over the city under blue sky.

We were too cheap to pay 100 Euro/ kg (!!!) for chocolate. For this price, the chocolate must have contained gold. That wouldn’t have tasted good anyway ;oP Instead, although it was rather chilly, we finished a tub of peach sorbet by a playground in front of a church. Interestingly, this playground could be closed up as a wooden box at night. While Magda enjoyed some climbing, Erna was rather fascinated by playing with the water of a small fountain.

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