Le Sentier des Ocres / Le Colorado provençal
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Le Sentier des Ocres / Le Colorado provençal

We arrived early in Roussillon and happy about the low number of tourists. We were surprised that we had to pay an entrance fee to get into ‘Le Sentier des Ocres’ – trails over and along iron oxide-containing clay and sand hills, natural stairs, and tower-like sculptures.

The sun made the rock formations glow: bright yellow and orange alternated with red and were contrasted by white layers *magnificent*

After the walk our shoes were all red *funny* We got done with our hike just on time. In the late morning, the place got flooded with tourists!


We went for a stroll through the little city of Roussillon, which was still rather empty. before we got back to the car to drive to another red rock site – ‘Le Colorado provençal’. Here, we “just” had to pay for parking :o)

It turned out to be a pretty tiring walk under the sun through a desert-like area. Not only the kids enjoyed playing with water in a small aqueduct ;oD

Finally, we got to some ochre monoliths – and Magda was gone. We found her already on top of the hill *wow*

As the hills became higher, also Magda climbed higher, not minding the slippery surface. I myself had hard times hiking up with Erna.

Magda ddin’t only enjoy the view being high above the ground but also the way up. The most special ascent was using some small staircase-forming holes in the rock.

Even another 2-3 hours of hiking to see the colourful rock formations from a distance couldn’t lower the enthusiasm of our little “hikaholic” ;oP *incredible*

After our long hike through the red desert, we were happy to wash our feet, legs, and faces in a restroom by the parking lot =oD

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