Gorge de Galamus
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Gorge de Galamus

Another winding serpentine tour – this time through the mountain range of the Pyrenees – lead us to the ‘Gorge de Galamus’. The Pyrenees were just as good at making people car-sick as the Alps. This time it was me we had to make a throw-up stop for ;o/

Just before the destined parking lot for our night rest, we came across a particularly narrow passage with a low rock ceiling, which looked like half of a tunnel. Of course, we hit some oncoming traffic that we had to make way for. Backing off on this narrow, winding road with a van was quite challenging.

At second glance, the parking lot was not as remote as it first appeared with nothing but mountains around it. There was a snack bar and even a bus stop. A group of motor cyclists was so nice to help us with a family picture.

Ermitage Saint-Antoine de Galamus

When we went to bed, we were actually a little worried if we would be safe that night. We had seen shattered glass on the floor, which must have been from a broken car window…

Luckily, nothing happened neither to us, nor to our car when we left it for a hike to the Ermitage Saint-Antoine de Galamus – a chapel built in a rock crevice – the next morning.

Due to the rainy weather, the path was a slippery. But we didn’t just have to be careful not to fall, but also not to step into poop. Somehow, there were so many piles on the trail *nasty*

Just when we arrived at the chapel, the rain started again. We were surprised to see a gift shop and a café in this remote place. We found another, much shorter way back to the road. This must be how most visitors and the priest get to the chapel =o)

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