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We parked in the modern city centre of Carcassonne. After crossing a big bridge, it was actually not trivial to find the popular fortress, due to a lack of signs. It was quite a long walk up-hill.

Still, we were contented not to have parked our lazy butts on the expensive parking lot, just in front of the fortress because we got to see some of the modern city and a view on the entire fortress.

Once we had crossed the fortress’ protective barriers (a dry moat and thick stone walls with watch towers) we were amazed by an entire ancient city with a castle and church.

The buildings of this unique “outdoor museum” were all nicely renovated and used for tourists: (gift) shops, snack bars, hotels, spa…

We made our way through the crowds holding drippingly greasy food or sticky cotton candy. We escaped little knights with wooden swords, plastic shields and helmets. We didn’t lose our little princesses by the shops with sparkling dresses, stuffed unicorns, and cone-shaped hats.

Further in the city, we actually walked through some rather empty streets. All we had to hide from now was the chilly wind. We couldn’t find a completely shielded bench for our break, but we still enjoyed the remains of our chocolate cake very much ;oP

At the end of our exploration of this interesting ancient city, we enjoyed climbing up and walking on the thick walls =o)

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