Montpellier – Planet Ocean World
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Montpellier – Planet Ocean World

It was said to be a rainy day. So we decided to visit the aquarium ‘Planet Ocean World’ in Montpellier. When we arrived it wasn’t open yet. Since the aquarium was located in a shopping mall, we got some food from a supermarket and had a “French breakfast” on an actually sunny bench on the outdoor second floor: croissants, flaky pastry filled with chocolate, baguette, French cheese *tasty* and for dessert some rich chocolate mousse cake *yummy*

The highlights of the aquarium were large fish tanks where you could watch the animals from top by walking over “docks” and from the side. A huge column-like aquarium stretched over multiple stories.

virtual reality makes it possible: our girls explore the moon ;oP

Our kids also enjoyed some hiding places from where you could look at the sea animals, a slide, sting rays, anemones to touch, and an astronaut simulation :oD

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