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We spent the night on a parking lot right by the city centre of Martigues. This parking lot offered a super fancy single restroom that automatically cleaned toilet seat and even the floor (!!!) after usage *wow*

When we started walking through the city the next morning, our initial intention was to try bakery goods outside of a supermarket for breakfast. We equipped ourselves with two fancy dark rolls containing lots of seeds from a bakery in the main shopping street, just across our parking lot to continue our bakery hunt without empty stomachs.

We didn’t find any more/better bakeries, but we enjoyed exploring the city’s two main lands and an island in between, divided by canals where fishermen tried their luck. Alan: “A really nice chance discovery!” Luckily, the kids even got to try out a French playground =o)

When we came by an indoor swimming pool, we were tempted to go but it was closed for the public on Wednesdays. So we “just” enjoyed more fancy bread from and at the sitting area in front of the bakery close to our car, although it was a little too chilly for an outdoor meal.

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