Big Basin Redwoods
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Big Basin Redwoods

We skipped breakfast and some melon on the very winding road to Big Basin Redwoods State Park. No surprise, Supar puked – even a couple of times; luckily, outside the car. Since the roads were mostly curvy today, he spent almost the entire driving time on our laps.

We didn’t feel like paying $10 because we found it stupid that they wouldn’t accept our annual pass for national parks. We went on the shortest trail to view the redwoods and left without paying. In fact, I considered the giant trees less impressive than the ones in Sequoia. Alan: “I would like to be buried under one of these tree.”

Actually we just wanted to stop for gas in Santa Cruz but then we passed by a self-serve frozen yogurt parlour, similar to the one in Salt Lake City. The yogurt and toppings were not as good but eating was more enjoyable – outside in the sunshine – although the weather was still a little chilly and we were sitting pretty close to the road.

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