San Francisco
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San Francisco

On our way, we passed by Pumpernickel Valley. Already the first city in Nevada had lots of casinos and even offered gambling machines at the gas station.

The night before San Francisco we settled at a pretty crappy rest area. It was gross to wash myself at a sink next to one filled with puke and tiny ants all over *yuck*

The mosquitoes drove us crazy! Luckily, I wasn’t woken up by them unlike Alan who killed them. “Alan, the mosquito slayer rescued princess Jenny.” *lol*

We found a pottery to paint your own dishes. They had pretty tea pots and plates but I stayed with Alan’s original idea to paint a mug for my mom as a present for her 50th birthday. This would be more personal. Since it was Wednesday we used the option to donate 3 cans of food instead of paying $10 for the painting.

We had Asian buffet for dinner with a high school mate of Alan’s. Afterwards we were very happy about the digestion walk around Union Square ;oP We were so tired on the way to a very clean rest area where we caught one of the last free spots =oD

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