Idaho Falls
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Idaho Falls

The river waterfalls in Idaho Falls were simply beautiful and extended very far horizontally. Some kids and a very brave dog were jumping from a bridge and rocks into the water. We were about to do the same until we read the ‘illegal’ sign. I guess I would have been too afraid to get injured anyway.

We stopped at a scenic lookout in Twin Falls for a very pretty overview on a canyon, Snake River, and two water falls in the distance. The view was just a little overcast.

We both really enjoy our independent traveling mode. We just stop along the way to explore whatever comes up and sounds interesting.

The ice-cream we got today was quite crappy. We actually felt cheated: The blended-in pie crust pieces were too soft and sweet; it contained jam instead of real berries. We skipped dinner. I washed myself in a family bathroom at another Walmart

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