Yellowstone – Geysers
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Yellowstone – Geysers

Undine Falls

On our way through the Valley, we were stopped by rangers because they had seen Supar off leash. Luckily, they just gave us a warning for this violation of the park rules and our non-functional head light *oh, oh* Alan still doesn’t want to get the light fixed until we’re back in California. Good that the rangers hadn’t seen Alan peeing right next to the trail earlier :-/

Mammoth Hot Spring
Roaring Mountain
Norris Geyser Basin
Paintpot Hill

We saw most of the park’s thermal features: hot springs, geysers, mud holes (dirty springs), fumaroles (hot steam).

Yellowstone’s most famous geyser Old Faithful was surrounded by benches, like a movie theatre. It erupts every 45 – 126 min.

Old Faithful

We used the 40 min until the next eruption for a sandwich-pineapple-break and for planning the proceeding of our trip

Mud Volcano

Eventually, we stopped to view the enormous water falls of the Yellowstone River. The hike was short, yet very steep – horribly strenuous at the end of such an intensive day.

Upper Falls
Lower Falls

I was proud of myself that I didn’t fall asleep on the following 3-hr drive with only a small restroom/ gas break. We “camped” at Walmart. Unfortunately, it was only open until 11pm. So I had to pee in the grass beside the parking lot ;-P

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