Yellowstone – Bisons
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Yellowstone – Bisons

I washed my hair in a river right next to our campsite. The water was ice-cold and my head was freezing. But it was definitely a unique experience!

Lewis Falls

Our first stop in Yellow Stone National Park was at Lewis Falls. It was way too crowded!

Gibbon Falls

It was hard to decide which campground to stay at, how to explore this huge park.

It took us 3 hours to get to a campground where we finally found a site. We also had frequent stops to view bisons along, and even ON the road. They are so huge! There are around 3,900 bisons in Yellowstone National Park; 40,000 – 50,000 in the entire US.

We had some great variety and special dishes for our grill-out dinner. Alan even called it a “feast”! corn on the cob (deliciously fresh + sweet), burgers with cheese, grilled zucchini + mushrooms, lettuce *yummy* pineapple rice (rice boiled in a bowl of pineapple peel), (over)grilled potatoes ;oP

I have been coughing and my eyes have been tearing all evening because of the smoky fire. We wahsed our black hands and faces in the near-by Pebble Creek =oD

pineapple rice

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