Salt Lake City
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Salt Lake City

Supar is even too weak / lazy / tired / exhausted to get out of bed in the morning. His wound hurt. He squeaks when we put the creme on.

We got the i-Pad fixed in Salt Lake City *relief*

At a frozen yogurt parlor, we sampled through all different kinds: plain yogurt, chocolate, white chocolate, pomegranate, pineapple, raspberry, grapefruit, black current. Eventually, we decided on greek yogurt, coffee, and cheesecake with lots of nuts as topping.

While we were driving Alan suddenly exclaimed: “That’s it – I’m caught speeding.” Luckily, the cop just gave him a warning for a broken front light *pooh*

We decided to stay at Walmart although the parking lot was noisy and bright.

Grocery shopping and our defective fridge kept us awake until 2 am =o(

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