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When we started our first hike in in the Arches National Park past 10 am it was already very hot. In the course of the day, the heat became almost unbearable for hiking to the various arches.

Soon, we had to boost our power with Alan’s awesome ’emergency food’ invention: peanut butter cereal.

North and South Window

Under the ‘North Window’ we had a refreshing lunch break.

I noticed that I still had bruises all over my legs from ‘The Narrows’.

This time we got raspberry ice-cream bars, covered with dark chocolate *yummy*

Unfortunately, we couldn’t find the rest area closest to Salt Lake City. So we had to go back to the one farther away.

Our frozen vegetables must have gone bad. We both had some stomach ache and a little diarrhea. Already eating was not too enjoyable, despite of our lantern light. The wind was just too chilly.

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