Côte d’Azur
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Côte d’Azur

Again, we has not slept too well, this time on the floor or sitting on a reclining chair because we couldn‘t push the arm rests up. The girls were able to squeeze under the arm rest and lay on the cushions, Wilma on a large window sill. Again, the light bothered us, on top of that ventilation noise.

We had to get up around 5 am because the ferry docked at 6 am already. It took some time to find parking but we were lucky found a spot on the street and were early enough to get 2 hours on top of the allowed 2 hours as the time didn‘t start counting until 9 am.

We discovered a local market. We got quiche and pizza with bacon, spinach, sardines, and tomatoes; also interesting fried balls with cheese and vegetables.

Alan enjoyed in total three oysters, after the first one tasted very good.

We got some very delicious cherries, 2x 1kg. First time, the girls were given one lollipop each. Second time, we also bought some strawberries and a pack of deliciously sweet raspberries on top *nice*

In front of the tourist office, a guy suddenly talked to us: „Where do you want to go?“ He told us that he was an American from the East Coast who has lived in France for 30 years. Apparently, the city centre o Toulon was not that safe, especially for little kids because of many criminals. Good that nothing had happened to us!

Our next stop was Cannes. It took almost an hour driving through Cannes until we actually stopped. We just couldn‘t find parking in the busy city centre. All parking garages had a too low ceiling for our mini bus. In the end, we parked rather a little further away at the beach. There were probably a few spots because the sky was overcast today. We felt rather underdressed among many people in designer clothes or with lots of jewelry.

watching movie stars

As we had already driven through the fancy shopping area and by the celebrity hotels (where the movie stars probably stay during the film festival), we explored the old town of Cannes (10th century) by foot.

Afterwards, we made use of our beach parking: swimming and playing with sand, eating dinner by the sea *nice*

We slept at a super nice rest area, not only with clean toilets but also with an amazing view on Nice‘s night lights, including ships on the sea.

Special „dessert“: On the parking lot, there was a girl with a huge fluffy white dog. We enjoyed petting and cuddling with this calm and soft giant and enjoyed talking to the girl from Toulon about traveling experiences, languages, French culture…

Nice the next morning

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