Viking Capital
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Viking Capital

Today, we visited Trondheim, which was founded in 997 as a trading post under the name ‚Nidaros‘.

The city served as the capital of Norway from the Viking Age until 1217.

During the late Middle Ages, people started calling the city ‚Trondheim‘. The renaming didn‘t occur until 1928 following a referendum.

We enjoyed the characteristic wooden architecture, many waterways, bridges, parks, size, and cleanliness of Trondheim very much.

Along the waterfront, there were many wooden houses with cranes that used to pull up goods for storage. They were probably a mix between warehouse and home. The houses were build on wooden poles, reminding us of Venice. We liked that the old style had been preserved.

Trondheim’s dome ‚Nidaros Domen‘ was simply magnificent and again very unique.

During grocery shopping, a woman recommended us ‚Gudbrandsdalsost‘ a brown cheese that one can only buy in Norway. During the production process, the milk is boiled until the sugar in it is caramelised. Many people bought this brown cheese but the woman said she was the only one in her family who liked it. She even wanted to open her small pack that she wanted to buy to let us try it – super nice!

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