Last summer festival
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Last summer festival

This and yesterday morning, we enjoyed fried Quark dough pockets filled with different kinds of cheese (one must have been sheep cheese, another one was sweet with dill), ham & cheese, jam, Nutella, Quark + raisins *delicious adventure*

We had our morning activity at Balaton Lake, close to Siófok. We first got the paddle board out, but had to pack it back up without using it when we noticed that the crack was still leaking air.

By chance, we found a super nice place with grass, hardly any trash on the floor, shade from trees, not far away from a staircase leading into the clear, cool, and very shallow water. The soft sand swirling under water shimmered silvery.

The place was not too crowded. There were only very few tourists and even clean, free toilets. Only a few wasps made us a little uncomfortable while we were eating our yellow water melon.

Many people went on a paddle board or sailing boat on the lake. Their was no noisy motor water vehicle.

We went to another small city close to the Balaton – Hévíz, because we had read that that there would a be wine festival with street music and street food.

On our search for parking, we came by another small lake in the city. Alan and I were wondering why that pool with entrance fee but no water slide was so popular when the free Balaton was so close. Later, in the city I read that this was a natural thermal lake. Still, why would you want to float in warm water when the air temperature was 30 degrees?

Our first stop in the city was a shop run by Chinese. Alan was busy chatting ;oP In the end, we did buy a bikini for Magda.

The highlight of today‘s festival was a bird show.

For dinner, we had Longos (with a little too much garlic) and an interesting duck burger.

Out of a sudden, Magda asked some Hungarian woman to dance with her by offering her both hands. At the end of the song, they clapped hands for each other ;oD

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