Hidden Hungarian gem
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Hidden Hungarian gem

Szedeg in Hungary was almost the opposite of Timisoara. All the old buildings were renovated. There was a lot of street live due to a music festival. On top of that, there was (live) music at almost every restaurant. Surprisingly, most of the people were locals, not tourists. Altogether, we had a very pleasant summer evening walk.

city hall

So we enjoyed a mix of music from a wind orchestra, Chinese street food, and sight seeing. While our wrap was freshly prepared, we learned how say “thank you” in Hungarian: köszönöm!

Votive Church

I consider the Votive Church one of the prettiest ones: light, colourful, spacious. We happened to be in the church during a service. We very much enjoyed the organ music and singing.

On the music festival, the girls excitedly listened to a brass band and started dancing to a trio of percussions, bass, and guitar.

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