Musical surprise
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Musical surprise

Sibiu is also called Hermannstadt because German settlers refounded the city.

town hall

In Sibiu we made our regular trip to the market square and churches. Luckily, there we found the tourist office and found out why there was a stage built up – a theatre and music festival, starting tonight!

playing school at the tourist office
chasing pigeons

We debated for a long time if we should stay that late because the free outdoor events wouldn‘t start until 9 pm.

We went on a small city tour. Especially the orthodox church was impressive.

Orthodox cathedral

Our dinner was bean soup (rather like Soljanka), fish & chips, and wild boar.

Indian musicians

After a short rest in the car (the kids couldn‘t sleep), we went back to the market square and were prepared to stand in the middle of a crowd with smokers, not being able to see anything.

Then we saw people still entering a fenced up area with seats. I assumed they showed tickets on their phones but Alan found out they just showed their Covid passes. Luckily, we got three of the last seats in the very back row.

We enjoyed the Romanian symphonic orchestra and French acrobats, performing on ropes and swings high above the ground. The acrobatics were embedded in a story on Galileo Galilei). The night was perfectly rounded up with fireworks.

Erna and Wilma fell asleep during the orchestra music and missed the circus. Our attempts to wake up Erna failed. Our two little girls were not even woken up by the loud bangs of the fireworks.

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