Boat through canyon
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Boat through canyon

The highway around the capital Skopje was a field of plastic trash *terrible*

Close to Skopje, we visited Matka Canyon and the ‚Vrelo‘ cave by boat. The ride was pretty comfortable in 36 degrees.

On our search for a restaurant, we met an Albanian from Stuttgart. He explained to us that we were in a village and here the traditional Muslims don‘t like seeing women in a restaurant. The country was actually called North Macedonia because in Greece, there‘s a region called Macedonia and the Greek actually consider North Macedonia as part of Greece.

We took some time driving around to find a restaurant. We stopped at a Western style one with a very nice playground. Here was the first time in our trip that we were asked to show our Covid vaccinations. Unfortunately, the meat was rather chewy and the pizza dry.

At the border to Bulgaria, the Macedonian officer was very strict. He checked the faces of the kids with light, although they were sleeping. The big problem was the Green Card, we didn’t have. In the end, a colleague of him let us go on to the Bulgarian border. That guy didn‘t mention a Green Card at all, just checked our „Covid QR pass“.

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