Water playground
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Water playground

In the early morning, we were woken up by the call of a muezzin. We had already seen the speakers on the minaret of the mosques yesterday.

Some of our impressions of the city of Shkodër: It is pretty dirty. Many houses and roads are broken. There‘s no square meter without trash, some corners even stink. On the roads, there is a chaos of (black smoking) cars, mopeds, bikes, pedestrians, bikes or pedestrians with trailers, and straying dogs. Many drivers don‘t wear helmets. Some of them look so young that they probably don‘t even have a license. We again saw many German, and also Italian cars.

Shops (many with fancy colourful ballroom wear) extend to the entire broad side walk. We saw a whole fresh market set up by road sellers on the corner of a street. Some even sold fresh fish.

The Albanians we met so far were very friendly, easy to approach, even without a common language. For instance, the fig seller yesterday, offered Alan to try a whole fig before he bought some. The seller picked the best figs and even gave us more than we paid for. Faleminderit!!! (Thank you)

We started our day with visiting an old bridge. There was no water in the river bank. Later, we saw a river running through Shkodër, though. So we assume, the river was redirected.

We went on to the river Kiri. The mountains were beautifully green. On the road, we met two donkeys. The kids were very happy when they got to pet them.

There were a few fields along the river, all maintained by hand, and cows, like medieval times.

The water of the river was pretty chilly but surprisingly Wilma didn‘t even complain when her butt landed in water while crossing over the rocks.

The big girls also enjoyed the natural water playground out of many small pools and waterfalls. In the wind, 34 degrees felt actually comfortable – even in the sun.

We had seen lots of goats poop on the rocks. Eventually, we saw the goats. They were led down to the water by a very friendly shepherd. He wanted to know the age and names of our girls and our religion. He was Islamic and apparently, he also had three kids.

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