Water all around
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Water all around

Having dinner at a camping table in Korana campground, we met some very nice Dutch who gave us recommendations for Plitvice Lakes National Park and Montenegro =o)

During the night, heavy rain pattered on our roof, accompanied by lightning and thunder. It was loud, yet very cozy inside.

The next morning was very muddy, yet rather dry and not too cold. We took a packed bus from the campground to Plitvice Lakes NP – the oldest and largest national park in Croatia.

Luckily, Alan had booked online tickets the night before. Otherwise, we would have waited in line forever.

Veliki slap (big waterfall)
fish watching

The rain just started when we entered the park. The wetness made it more difficult to walk on the narrow wooden planks, trying to sidestep the loads of tourists without poking anybody with our umbrellas.

Mooh! There’s a cow on the Russian cookies from my colleague.

We took a break from our rainy walk in a cave. Wilma used the time perfectly for a nap.

The numerous big and small waterfalls were terrific and the lakes clear and turquoise blue water just beautiful, even more when the sun came out. Wilma‘s constant comment: „Atta“ (water)

We also got to explore some interesting (pitch dark) caves.

Boat rides, connecting the different hikes, made the park experience even more unique.

In the sunny weather and after some cookies, the kids also had more fun pointing out fish in the lakes (Wilma: „belub, belub“), running, hopping, climbing stairs, docks, bridges or over roots. Erna turned into the wildest explorer after finding walking „wangweilig“ ;oP

When Wilma noticed that water was running under her feet, she bent down (butt in the air) and said „Atta“.

We were all terribly exhausted when we tried to find the only bus for this day, bringing us back to the campground. We found a bus that had the same park pictures parked in front of a hotel, close to the park. That‘s where a ranger had told us to go.

Somehow, we must have been too tired to think why no other tourists or a driver was there until we noticed it was already departure time. Too late, we understood that the bus would not pick us up at the parking lot but directly at the road down-hill. We had missed our one and only chance to get back to the campground *aaaahhhhh*

The campground reception was so nice to let the bus turn around and pick us up. A couple of minutes later I had to reject that kind offer because Alan had found a ranger who drove us all the way to our camper van. We thanked his tremendous helpfulness with an Italian cake and home-made pickled zucchini. What an adventure! Alan‘s warm dinner was a great reward to all of us tough hikers.

Some snap shots by Magda:

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