Peninsula city I
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Peninsula city I

For planning our trip through Croatia, we had some terrific help from my Croatian colleague Kristina. Hvala Kristina!

Following her great recommendations, our first stop in Croatia was Rovinj. Unfortunately, all the campgrounds were full and wild camping is illegal. We tried to hide in a forest, close to the beach anyway. Thanks to a local, advising us a better spot further down the rocky path, we were not caught by the police that would have charged us 200 € – according to the guy. We could only park in such a tilted way that we constantly had to hold the pot during cooking and we all rolled onto each other during sleep.

The next morning, we were in the city centre early enough to still get a parking spot. There, we were positively surprised by an interesting new playground.

Going by the languages we heard around us, we rather felt like being in Germany than in Croatia. Despite all the tourists, Rovinj was a rather clean city. Cigarette buds and dog pee on the streets may be inevitable.

We took the peeled-off plastering on almost every house as part of the city‘s special character with its narrow streets, laundry lines between the houses, and its slippery, uneven rock roads up and down the hill.

Right in the city, we went down to the rocky coast to refresh ourselves in the wild waves. Especially Magda enjoyed hopping over the waves.

The driver of one German car perfectly met the cliché foreigners must have of Germans. He yelled at us: „Scheiß Kinderwagen!“, believing the entire road belonged to him.

Souvenirs: Necklaces with glass pendant

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Hey !
We met yesterday night ( 07/08 ) in the autocamp. ( VW Westfalia T6 White )
I think you forget your shoes like « tongs » under your Van when your left the place.
What should we do ?

Hello Kevin & Giovanna, it was a pleasure meeting you both. We were just talking about you on our drive, saying we travel pretty much the same way. Thanks for fetching the pair of flip flops for us. Jenny has been upset all day that they were forgotten. We got these flip flops in California, so they also carry memories to us. Would it be possible for you to keep them till the day we meet again?
Jenny & Alan [lai(at)]

I’am so sad to see that you answered so quickly. I have checked my e-mails the hole day. But not the comments.
So sorry for That ! We have hesitated and then, when we leaved this morning we put them at the reception. I hope you could have it back on your way back !
Or maybe they could send it to you when you’re back home. ( we use to forget things when we travel and we always ask the people to send by Post … 🙂 ) We are now in Istria. On the road for Slovenia. Take care ! Sooo sorry 🙁

Don’t worry Kevin, Jenny has demanded a new pair already. But we could still meet. We will invite you both to our family dinner when you come by. Write us an email, so we also get your email address.

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