No Gelato
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No Gelato

In comfortable morning sun, we walked to the city centre of Trieste. The streets were narrow and rather dirty. We came across hardly any new / freshly renovated house.

We ate our Austrian flower bread by the harbour, cooling our feet in water.

The historic buildings on ‚Piazza Unità d’Italia’ were impressive.

Our city tour up and down the hills of Trieste led us to many churches, Roman ruins, a massive fortress, and unfortunately only to a couple of small playgrounds, directly under the sun.

Arco di Riccardo

In vain, we looked for ice-cream that we thought Italy would be so famous for. In the end, we got a tub of very fluffy vanilla ice-cream *yummy*

Cattedrale di San Giusto

From a heavy, yet refreshing thunderstorm, we hid at our favourite grocery store – Lidl ;o) Magda enjoyed hopping through the puddles on the way back to our car.

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Gelato kommt bestimmt noch! Liebe Grüße und einen Boo für Mona!

Whoops that was wierd. Also ein Boo für jede und mehr als genug Grüsse

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