Up on the mountain
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Up on the mountain

In Lienz, the sun woke us up. We took an open chair lift up on the mountain, enjoying the breeze and special view on the valley.

Our first activity was a petting zoo with goats, ponies, chickens. We even got to pet and feed baby rabbits and guinea pigs on our laps.

After a nice climbing and water playground, we hiked up to a lake that is used in winter to make ice for the skiing slopes.

There, we had ‚Linzer Torte‘.

Erna, Wilma, and I took a closed cable car back down. Alan and Magda took a pretty fast coaster on a summer sleighing run.

Back in the valley, finally dry from the previous rainy day:

On the way to Italy, we stopped for a hike in the mountains. Unfortunately, it started to rain when we had just started. We could still enjoy a dry, yet cold dinner under trees, watching cows with bells on a meadow. On the way back, we got soaked. Luckily, the heater of our car could warm us up quickly.

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Das sieht ja sehr schön aus. Wir haben gerade auch über Pläne für nächstes Jahr gesprochen und haben überlegt in die Berge zu fahren. Da fühle ich mich durch euch bestärkt.
Es sieht nach sehr schönen Tagen aus. Ich hoffe ihr hattet Spaß und die Eltern konnten sich auch ein wenig erholen 🙂

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